Maximize Shelf Space in your Closet

Published: 02nd October 2007
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Short on shelf space in your closet? You're not alone. Even closets with enough space for extensive wardrobes and shoe collections are often lacking adequate shelf space for storing the other miscellaneous items we all seem to accumulate. A shortage of storage space in closets can quickly lead to unwelcome clutter amassing in other parts of your home. Even if you are stuck with the inconvenience of one small shelf in your closet, you can turn it into a functional storage haven by utilizing your own combination of these solutions for the closet shelving deprived:

-Plastic Bins: Available in almost any shape and size imaginable, plastic storage bins can be selected based on the available dimensions in your closet, giving you the opportunity to maximize use of every inch. Stackable bins with lids are excellent storage solutions for items that do not need to be accessed regularly, such as sentimental items, accessories like winter scarves and gloves, out of season clothing, photos or any other items creating disorder in your closet. Bins may be stored on a shelf or in the closet floor, making them a versatile option for additional closet storage.

-Stackable drawers/shelves: To store items which you will need to access more frequently, stackable shelves or drawers are excellent storage solutions that add utility to the vertical space above your current closet shelf. Such drawers and shelves can be arranged in a configuration that makes sense for your closet, and house items such as additional clothing, sporting equipment, linens or art supplies. Stackable drawers and shelves make a practical alternative to plastic bins for items that necessitate more frequent accessibility.

-Baskets: Adding baskets to a closet shelf is an alternative option for increasing the utility of closets with little shelving. Baskets have the added perk of visual appeal, making them a popular option for the design conscious. Available in all shapes and sizes, baskets can be integrated into the storage plan for any closet and can be coordinated with the décor of the room.

-Additional Shelving: A more permanent storage option is to affix additional shelves to the closet wall. Depending on the layout of your closet, additional shelving may be installed above the current shelf, or along the bottom of the closet. If you opt to install additional shelving in your closet, take care to ensure that the shelving structure is sufficient for holding the weight of the items you intend to store on it.

-Professional Overhaul: A onetime investment in a custom closet design may be the answer to your closet woes. A designer from a company in your area specializing in custom closets will be able to realize additional storage potential you never knew your closet had, while streamlining its aesthetic appearance at the same time.

About the Author: Stephen Nickse is the founder of Closet Solutions, a leading provider of quality Boston closets, strategically headquartered in the nation's design capitol, Boston, Ma. For more information, please visit

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